The Smarter way to Manage Documents

Sharp and Kyocera Multi Function Devices (MFDs) offer a strong centralised printing, scanning and copying platform. When integrated with document management software, we offer advanced capabilities to further fortify your businesses Document Management Strategy.

➜ Scanning solutions
Our SENScan Software scans, captures, converts, distributes, indexes, stores, searches, and retrieves any document in seconds, ending the risk of lost or misfiled documents. Using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities, you can transform hard copy documents into fully editable and searchable electronic documents.

 Outsourced Scanning Is your workspace piling up with paper-based documents? Paper-based files not only take up a lot of space, lost documents and improper filing can seriously damage business operations. At Sharp Office, we offer a scanning and storing solution right here on our secure premises. Our outsourced scanning service includes collecting your files, storing them in a locked secure location and scanning them to a hard drive where they are automatically categorised and stored. Once our customer has reviewed the hard drive, the documents are destroyed securely onsite.

➜ Customised Solutions Document Management software automates the process of managing documents from creation to storage to distribution. This increases efficiencies within your organisation and reduces the cost and clutter of maintaining paper records. We understand that the document management needs of businesses differ, so we take the time to help you customise each of these solutions based on your needs and preferences.

➜ Document Security and Accessibility Secure Print technology provides a process that helps your staff access necessary information efficiently, while the more sensitive information is securely protected.

➜ Reduced Paper Usage Businesses have the responsibility of adopting environmentally friendly methods in their operations. When implemented well, a paper management solution will also result in significant cost saving. There are several ways to reduce paper consumption in your office environment and we can provide a solution tailored to your business needs.