Georgia McNee

Georgia is an Office Products Account Manager, interested in having a positive impact on her customers and building long-lasting relationships. Always with a smile on her face, Georgia brings an enthusiastic energy to her work and focuses her efforts on creating personalised solutions. She joins us today to share a weekly dose of goodness that deserves your attention.

1. Quote

Mindset is what separates the best from the rest

I use this quote not only at work but also in my personal life, the way you react, and view situations can determine whether you get a good or bad outcome. So, staying/looking/thinking positive and you’ll find that even if something doesn’t work there’s usually something learned which is still a win in my books!

2. Podcast

Health code daily

We’re often so busy juggling work, family, friends, exercise – life! That we often forget to look after ourselves daily. Since all the lockdowns I think we’ve all realised the importance of a work-life balance and I listen to this to give myself a little reminder to look after myself every day, not just when I ‘have time’.

Listen here: The Health Code on Apple Podcasts or The Health Code Daily | Podcast on Spotify

3. Advice

Don’t underestimate the importance of catching up with friends or exercising.

I make sure I catch up for a coffee with a friend and go for a walk outside at least once a week to take my mind off work and any stresses! My favourite spot to walk is along the boardwalk at the beach in the mornings, with the salty air and sun on my face. Then I head to my favourite little coffee shop by the water, I usually sit and talk with a friend about our week and work and anything that’s bothering us, those weeks where everything feels like it’s overwhelming or too much. Sitting back and talking about it to someone that’s not involved, I find, is always so refreshing. I often come away with a clear mind on how I’m going to handle the next week ahead!  What better way to start your weekend right?!

4. Tip

Remember the law of averages – the more people you ask the more yesses you could get!

5. Joke

Who is the king of stationery? The Ruler! Hahaha