A Size-Conscious MFD Packed with All the Essentials

Searching for a compact 4-in-1 MFD that lets you produce superb full-colour documents? Your search is over. Among its many assets, this versatile MFD boasts optional wireless LAN connectivity. Not only is this device easy to use, it can also be linked with other networked MFDs in your office. This is one coworker that will help bring out the best in your team.

Space-Saving Design

With its small footprint* of 424 × 421 mm, this MFD will easily find a niche in your SOHO or larger office. Simply place it on a desk, under a counter, or anywhere that space is limited.
* “Footprint” refers to the part directly adjacent to the floor or desk space. The numerical value is for the MFD’s base unit only.

Continuous Printing

Don’t worry if the colour toner runs low during a print job. You can simply switch to B/W printing and finish the job seamlessly.

Convenient Faxing

The MFD supports colour faxes, paperless faxing, and a host of conveniences. You can forward faxes to a chosen destination—FTP server, network folder, or email. You can block junk faxes. And you can hold fax data for secure printing at a later time.

Energy Efficient

This MFD comes with a number of energy-management features that reduce power consumption both during active use and during sleep mode.

Document and Data Protection

Retained data can be erased when it’s time to replace the MFD, preventing the leakage of confidential information. Firmware self-recovery prevents data leaks and firmware damage by automatically restoring files when abnormal activity is detected.