5 simple ways to spruce up your workspace for productivity

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How long has it been since you refreshed your business’ workspace? With many of us back to working in the office either full time or hybrid, the time we spend there needs to motivate and inspire our best kind of work. From uncomfortable chairs to cluttered desks, there can be multiple things which minimise productivity. Now could be the time to replace the old with new, here are 5 simple ways to spruce up your workspace for productivity.

1. Comfortable seating

There’s no doubt that a comfortable and supportive chair can make those busy, long workdays manageable. From leather to mesh, high back and with arms (plus more), there are many chair options that are not functional and ergonomic but stylish too. Explore our range of chairs to find your perfect fit. See more.

2. Spacious desk space

A desk is the heart of any workspace and carries the load of everything you’re working on. Having a desk which provides a clear space for technology, stationery and files is ideal, and equally important is room to write and freely move about. An additional consideration is whether your desk needs to be height adjustable, which can help break up the mundanity of being stationary. There are several options to choose from, see our range of desks and tables, plus height-adjustable sit-stand desks.

3. Desk organisation

Keeping an organised desk is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you (or someone in your workplace) struggle to find pens and keep important documents tidy, it’s time to reorganise. There are many desktop organisation solutions that can help, which are cost-effective and quick to setup. With the convenience of buying online, scroll through our desktop organisers, drawer trays, trays and shelves and magazine holders.

4. Ample storage

For any business, storage is key and critical to maintaining an organised office. While many businesses are adopting digital storage for select files, the need for shelving and cabinetry remains essential for other documents, stationery, and inventory. From filing cabinets, bookcases and even lockers, minimising the space around your workplace doesn’t need to be complicated.

5. Bring the outside in

A long-term plan to revamp your workspace may be in the cards, but in the short-term you can add a pop of colour and style to your business, office and common areas with some simple greenery. Our range of faux potted plants appear life-like and feature vibrant and full foliage to truly stand out wherever they are placed. See our range of potted plants here.

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