Are you printing too much? Do you have that one department that prints absolutely everything but ends up leaving half of it at the printer? Is there a need to have better reporting to oversee your print fleet? Would you like to reduce your carbon footprint?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then maybe it’s time you thought about a Print Optimisation solution! At Sharp Office, we can provide you with an automated way of monitoring and managing your print environment to help you reign in the print spend, save paper and consumables, and manage company wide print policies from one central location.

  • Save Money

  • Cut Waste

  • Intuitive Reporting

  • Find Me/Follow Me Print

  • Increase Print Security

  • BYOD Support

  • Simple Print Deployment

  • Automated Management

  • Load Sharing

One of the most beneficial features of a solid print management solution is the ability to have find me or follow me print configured for all users. The big advantage here is that your users can print to a queue, walk up to any machine in your fleet and then release the job they want at that printer, as they need it. This drastically reduces orphaned prints and gives you the ability to utilise all printers in your fleet to share the load of printing.

With easy on-boarding management for access to print queues, BYOD compatibility for hand held devices and the ability to have popup print controls, we can help take the strain off your IT providers and put the power of your print fleet back in your hands.

We can help create a solution for your business, simply share your details to hear from our expert team.

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