All businesses have an information workflow – even if you’re still pushing paperwork around – and all businesses should be serious about Digital Transformation, because information bottlenecks are the number one killer in any information workflow.

The core philosophy behind our InteliFlow solution suite is aligned perfectly with Sharp Office’s vision of helping other businesses become more efficient. Quite simply, it’s about hunting down slow manual workflow processes and transforming them into fluid digital solutions that save time, money, resources and add value to your customer’s experience. We will assess your information efficiency bottlenecks, tailor a measured solution to fit precisely with what you need and ensure we don’t befuddle you with a bunch of unnecessary guff that you don’t really need.

Our solutions are modular and dynamic – not monolithic – and will differ from customer to customer, dependent on your specific needs. We’ll assess, scope, plan, install, integrate and train with you right by our side the whole way so you don’t get left holding the baby and wondering what to do with it at the end of it all.

Document Management

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could digitise all of your physical paper files, save time looking for them and make it all happen on any device, anywhere? We can help you do just that!

Print Optimisation

Let us help you optimise your print! Be greener by using less paper, use less consumables, secure your print environment, integrate with existing systems, get full print reporting - We can save you time and money!

Cost Recovery

If you work within an industry that should be charging your clients for print/copy/scan but aren't, you are leaking money! We can help you turn that cost into a profit with easy to use disbursement solutions.

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