6 tips to grow office productivity in 2024

The New Year is a chance to prepare your business for the challenges and opportunities 2024 will bring, which can include promoting a productive workplace. While the right technology is important, so are the tools and resources to increase communication, collaboration and organisation. We’ve compiled our 6 expert tips you can refer to and offered some helpful products to consider.

Stock Up on Stationery Essentials

A simple yet effective way to kick off a productive year is by reviewing and restocking stationery essentials. Ensure you have an abundant supply of pens, markers, and batteries. Plus, consider investing in bulk as a valuable way to save time and hassles in the future.

Maximise Desk Space with Organisers

Make the most of your workspace by prioritising desktop essentials and efficiently storing other items. Desk and drawer organisers are space-saving champions, while binders and storage boxes help archive documents for later. Clear labelling using tools like self-print labels or label machines is also helpful in identifying where files are stored, as well as keeping track of items around the office.

Be Communicative

Enhance workplace communication by introducing fun and informative bulletin boards. While emails are useful, bulletin boards provide an additional touchpoint in common areas and can be used to announce new starters, upcoming events, or essential information like health and safety. Bulletin boards keep staff informed and contribute to a vibrant and connected workplace culture.

Get Organised

Organise your thoughts, tasks, and meeting notes with reliable tools like notebooks, sticky notes, and notepads. A well-maintained A4 notebook is perfect for project planning, while multi-colour Post-It cubes add a touch of creativity to your workspace. Keep your work tidy and well-structured with these essential tools, helping your team stay ahead of deadlines and tasks.

Consider an Office Furniture Refresh

Evaluate your office furniture and consider a refresh if key pieces, such as chairs and desks, show substantial wear and tear. The ergonomic design has become a business priority, supporting posture and comfort during long work hours. Invest in new, ergonomic-friendly chairs and sit-stand desks with height adjustment. A refreshed office environment contributes to the well-being and efficiency of your team.

Revitalise the Kitchen Space

A well-maintained kitchen is an often-overlooked asset that can contribute significantly to staff well-being and productivity. Ensure kitchen basics like milk, coffee, tea, and snacks are readily available. These small touches save time and provide comfort during well-deserved breaks, helping your staff power through busy days with renewed energy.

By considering these six productivity tips, you can promote efficiency and collaboration in your workplace which sets the stage for success in 2024. Whether investing in essentials, increasing desk space, adding comfort to the workplace or enhancing workplace communication, these tips can help you nurture a positive and productive work environment.