7 myths about desktop printers busted

Print technology has come a long way in recent years, with advancements in speed, quality and functionality. As an essential for any business, the right model is key to maximising operations and reducing workplace hassles. While common multifunction devices (MFD) like photocopiers are known for their effectiveness, desktop printers can also be invaluable to businesses. Get the facts straight with these 6 myths about desktop printers busted.

1. Desktop printers are only for small businesses

First and foremost, the most contested opinion is whether a desktop printer is beneficial to businesses of a certain size. Despite their smaller appearance, desktop printers can be useful in a business of any scale. Whether placed in a shared workspace or in an office, a desktop printer can pack a powerful punch when fulfilling print needs. They are also a great add-on to large copiers.

2. Desktop printer are slow

Like with any printer or copier, print speed can vary from make and model. In comparison to desktop printers found in the home, a premium desktop printer you find in a business setting is likely to handle repetitive printing that’s fast. For instance, the Kyocera ECOSYS P3155dn can produce a high speed of 55 pages per minute, with a less than 5 second wait time for the first page to release in the tray.

3. Desktop printers need replacement cartridges often

A professional desktop printer is typically a laser printer that uses a different cartridge compared to household printers. Laser printer cartridges (or toners) are efficient during print and therefore last considerably longer overall, reducing the time between replacements.

4. Desktop printers are not secure

For any business, protecting information is essential. In addition to the regular cybersecurity measures your business invests in, your desktop printer can support that. Many newer models feature data encryption which helps safeguard your information from unwanted observers, such as that found in newer Kyocera models – which has award-winning security features.

5.  Desktop printers aren’t good quality

Most professional desktop printers are designed to handle significant print volumes within short periods of time, meaning they need to produce quality prints every single time. When choosing a desktop printer, the higher the resolution output, the better the result of the print. Looking at the ‘dpi’ resolution, which is the number of ink droplets per inch of paper, you can achieve the ideal output. Wondering what ‘dpi’ will cater to your busy workload? Check out these feature-packed, 1,200 dpi resolution desktop printers.

6. Desktop printers need a lot of maintenance

The primary feature of a desktop printer is to print documents and files. In this case, without additional features and components, such as those found on a larger multi feature device like a photocopier, the desktop printer will have less need for maintenance.

7. Desktop printers replace multi feature devices

While a professional desktop printer provides several benefits to any business, they are also a great partner for large multi-feature devices, like photocopiers. In businesses with varying print needs, such as printing reports and also marketing material or technical drawings, a desktop printer can share the heavy workload.

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