Attending the Sharp Tech Day 2023

This month, David Potter and Joel Anderson had the privilege of attending the Sharp Tech Day in Japan this month, immersing themselves in the latest innovations showcased by Sharp.

The expo unveiled cutting-edge advancements across various domains, epitomised by the overarching theme, “Less Is More.” Sharp’s commitment to Smart Living Solutions, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and collaborating with start-ups, underscored their dedication to enhancing household convenience. The emphasis on “Better Safety” for Smart Cities was evident in the unveiling of a local 5G disaster relief solution, emphasising mobility safety through AI driving assistance. Sharp’s dedication to “Better Efficiency” in Smart Industry was showcased in smarter offices, logistics, and breakthroughs in manufacturing and bioengineering. The sustainability focus featured Green Energy innovations, solar developments, and power-efficient displays. The expo also highlighted Sharp’s role in fostering collaboration among innovators, with a hackathon that brought together diverse talents to redefine the future value of technologies, including AI and entertainment. David and Joel found immense value in connecting with other businesses and dealers at the event, gaining insights into Sharp’s forward-thinking approach and its potential impact on the industry.