Celebrating 50 years in business in 2021 with a fresh new look!

This year marks a major milestone as we celebrate 50 years in business. On 17 May, we also finalised an important rebrand, bringing Sharp Electronics Group and OfficeTrend together to create Sharp Office.

Since 1971, we have been committed to helping other businesses grow by offering the latest in business technology, printing solutions, office products and office furniture. But it’s our superior level of home-grown customer service that always sets us apart.

Founded and owned by John Duncan for 44 years, Sharp started from humble beginnings with John and his partner selling electronic calculators out of the boots of their cars. Having won the Sharp Newcastle dealership and with business technology growing to include cash registers and photocopiers, it wasn’t long before they needed to set up shop.

The key to Johns early success stems from the belief that everything was based around great service and honesty. If there’s a stuff up – just admit it and fix it. The result was incredibly strong relationships built on trust.

This proved to be a lasting legacy that continues to influence the day to day running of the business. After substantial growth throughout the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s John’s exit from the business in 2015 saw the formation of a new ownership team, all six of whom worked in the business with John for many years prior to taking the reigns. You’ll find the same values underpin how we operate and relate to customers today.

We aim to help businesses stay ahead of the game when it comes to how your office operates and we want to help you solve your greatest challenges. We don’t look the other way when things become difficult. We are here to help.

With that purpose in mind, and in looking to the future, we recognised the need to evolve and stay true to our purpose.

After conducting feedback surveys, we found that our customers and suppliers were confused with two of our brands, Sharp Electronics Group -our business technology division, and OfficeTrend – our office products and furniture division. They often did not realise they are owned and operated by one company.

Rebranding to one name makes it simpler so that we will be recognised as the one trusted company by customers new, and long-standing. The name Sharp Office had to reflect our proud history, as well as who we are today.

From 17 May,  changes were made to the logo, the building on Lambton Road Broadmeadow, service vehicles and the website. Customers can still get in touch the same way by phone, email or by visiting sharpoffice.com.au.

George Tuntevski – Managing Director