Di Prinzio Concreting continues to partner with Sharp Office

Newcastle is fortunate to be home to businesses with long histories that continue to be family run, like Di Prinzio Concreting who have been in business for over 60 years. With a third generation Di Prinzio now working in the business, it’s clear this concreting business is set to have a prosperous future. Helping local businesses grow is at the forefront of our Sharp Office philosophy, and with our equally long history spanning over 50 years, we’re proud to partner with local business owners like Peter Di Prinzio to make managing their business’ technology and office products simpler. Working with Sascha Fischer for print and Michael Capriotti for office products, Peter and his team can depend on Sharp Office.

We sat down with Peter to learn more about his business and what it’s like working with Sascha and Michael.

  • Out of the hundreds of concreting projects your business has been involved with, which project stands out most to you?
    One of the biggest projects we’ve done so far was for John Hunter Hospital in 1988. The hospital was developing it’s main hospital and we were fortunate to be involved. The whole project took 2 years.
  • As a small business owner, how important it is to support local?
    Small businesses are good at offering personal services for customers, which is a bit different to chain businesses. By supporting local, we can all help keep small businesses open and strengthen our community.
  • Sascha recently introduced you to the new Sharp BP70C31 model. What has the experience been like so far?
    Sascha is fantastic, he listened to our needs and found a model that suited what we needed. The new Sharp photocopier is fast and reliable. We print plans, invoices, photos and project documents that are often used by site supervisors. One day we timed how quick it printed a handful of documents and it was faster than the time it took to walk to the printer! I’ve had other Sharp products like calculators in the past and they are a quality brand.
  • Michael is an Office Products expert who’s passionate about his customers. How has Michael helped you and your team?
    We print a lot so copy paper is important to us, as is other general stationery like pens and white out. Our team often use the erasable pens (specifically the Pilot Fixion Erasable pen) which are good for making notes and changes on plans whilst on. Working with Michael is great, he keeps in touch regularly and works to offer competitive pricing so we don’t have to shop around.

Are you interested in learning about the Sharp BP70C31 or how we can help your business with office products? Connect with Nathan or Michael, or another dedicated Sharp Office expert today.