Document scanning and digital archiving for Allambi Care

Did you know that we offer document scanning and can help organise your scanned files so they’re easy to find? For many businesses and organisations, document management can be overwhelming and take up space. As document management becomes digital, historical documents tend to be forgotten as the process to convert them to digital is cumbersome and costly. We spoke with long-time customer of Nick Ashford, Allambi Care about their experience using our document scanning services. Nick has been working with Rebecca Lloyd to help digitise thousands of hardcopy documents.

How document scanning and digital archiving helps

At Allambi Care, document management is critical to the work they provide. As clients transition throughout their services, documents and files can accumulate. Over time, file can deteriorate, get lost and be filed incorrectly, making it near impossible to find what is needed in a timely manner.

We have been helping Allambi Care digitise thousands of documents and file them in a new file structure that makes it simple for staff to locate – specifically over 80,000 pages per week! Staff can now easily access files using consistent file conventions, making it quick when needing to pull together or share client information. In addition to this, digitizing also helps Allambi Care safeguard client information and provide peace of mind that sensitive data is stored securely.

About Allambi Care

Allambi Care is dedicated to providing support and care services for vulnerable children, young people and families. With a strong focus on child protection and out-of-home care, Allambi Care works to bridge the gap between outreach services and personalized care, including navigating the NDIS, and has developed several initiatives to help achieve this, including;

  • Youth Hope that provide tools and services to enabled children to remain at home
  • The North Academy school that helps students in year 9 and 10 prepare for the future and have support in transitioning to mainstream school
  • Learning Without Walls distance education program
  • Clinical services and support in conjunction with Tracks Health

How to digitise your hardcopy documents

Get started by talking to your Sharp Office account manager to learn about the documents you would like to scan and file. Learn more.