Scott Roberts

Scott is a Senior Account Manager working in our print department. Scott started with Sharp Office in November 2003 and has 39 years of industry experience. He has developed life-long relationships with his clients, built on trust and customer-centric service. Scott is a proud “and young” grandfather to 9 grandchildren. He joins us today for The Friday Five.  

1. Book

I’m not a huge book reader, given the choice I’d go an audio book. But for a must-read, gobsmacking eye opener – ‘Maralinga’. It is an account of the British nuclear testing in Australia, all about how & why it happened, a bit of forgotten history that still has implications today. The author, Frank Walker, is a journalist of 38 years and wrote two bestselling investigative books about the Vietnam War.

2. Podcast

I Catch Killers with Gary Jubelin

I’m a tragic podcast listener. Usually, I am listening to news, what is happening with crypto, or something related to how our minds work. But if I’m on a long drive, it’s typically an episode of ‘I Catch Killers with Gary Jubelin’. Gary is an ex-detective who interviews other police officers and earlier clients of his (ex-crims). He talks about real cases with the people who were involved, most interestingly the life choices and transformations that have happened in people’s lives. 

Listen here: I Catch Killers with Gary Jubelin on Apple Podcasts 

3. Local Experience

Nauru Pelican & Coon Island in Swansea are our go to swimming places with the family and our 9 grandkids, both locations have to be the best swimming spots on the lake. The Supercars in Newcastle is a must-do event and if you ever have the opportunity, Jet Ride in Cessnock is a bucket list event. For the perfect weekend getaway, St Helena River Retreat, on the Upper Allyn. When there, I’ll be on the tractor mowing the hillsides!

Check it out:

4. The Copier Guy

“When I grow up, I want to sell photocopiers” said no one ever. Yet 39 years on, I am still selling photocopiers. The thing is, they are not copiers anymore, they are how we move documents around within our businesses and my job is to help get it right. Working with new technology and existing clients is always special, their trust is appreciated. And having the opportunity to help new clients is rewarding also. Part of what we do is often managing the difficult challenges businesses face, it feels good to be able to get the right custom solution.

5. Work Advice

Never stop learning, work hard on being positive and understand strong client relationships take time. Also, work for a company that supports its clients, it makes life so much easier.