Get tax time ready with digital document management

In today’s fast-paced business environment, technology provides businesses a range of tools to help improve operations and connect digitally. There are various areas of a business that can benefit from going digital, and one which shines most is document management. With digital document management your documents can be automatically filed, stored and sent for approval without delay, allowing staff to focus on what they do best. Tax time can be hectic for any business, one less hassle could be your document management. Here’s how a digital document management solution can help your business this tax time and beyond.

Why are businesses adopting digital document management?

Every document that passes through your business is important. There are two primary pain points surrounding manual document management: consistent filing and quick actioning. Using manual processes can require staff to perform multiple steps to action and store a document, presenting the risk of being missed, sent to the wrong approver, stored incorrectly or even unclearly named.

There are many benefits to transitioning to a digital workflow for your document management, including:

  1. Document security – Gain control over access to documents and where they’re stored.
  2. Improved efficiency – A digital document management system allows for faster and simpler document access, reducing the need for lengthy searching.
  3. Cost saving – By going digital your business saves costs associated with unnecessary print and storage.
  4. Compliance – Certain industries are required to store documents for a set time, this is made simpler by going digital.

How can I transition to a digital workflow for my document management?

A digital document management solution can help direct your documents to the right person and location and is a great complement to current multi-function devices like photocopiers. Working with your account manager and our information solutions specialist, you’ll receive a workflow that fits your business needs. Here’s what a digital workflow can look like:

How can I transition to digital document management?

Get started by talking to your Sharp Office account manager or to our information solutions specialist to create a digital workflow for your business. Learn more.