HDi interactive smartboard on display at education conference

Technology in the classroom has become more common in recent times, enabling teachers and students to stay connected and conveniently access resources. Last month Sharp Office were invited to attend the NSW MITIE conference at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College. This conference brought together ICT managers, teachers and professionals to discuss technology and ICT for education. Sascha from team Sharp Office was joined by Andrew from HDi Interactive to share the application of interactive displays for education. Alongside the classroom, interactive displays can unlock a world of convenience and efficiency for any sized meeting space, learning hub and conference room.

Is an interactive smartboard right for me?

An HDi interactive smartboard is a touchscreen system that provides you with the convenience of a whiteboard, with the functionality of a computer. For any business or organisation, reliable and easy to use technology is essential. With a HDi smartboard, you’ll eliminate the hassle of setting up meetings, presenting presentations and running promotions.

What features does a HDi smartboard have?

With a HDi smartboard solution, you can tailor your experience to the needs of your business. The great features you’ll receive include:

  • Is easy to set up
  • Is completely wireless
  • Has a 4k resolution display
  • Has a Windows PC built-in
  • Allows for wireless sharing from Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS and Android devices
  • Has a hi-res meeting camera with microphone and speakers
  • Has 20 points of interactive touch
  • Australian made

Plus, choose from a generous screen size range of 55 to 110-inches with optional height adjustable wall mount or mobile stand – providing you with the flexibility to move your smartboard as needed.

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