Line up your pigs – from home!

Sooo, you take care of the accounts payable process for your business and you’re suddenly asked to work from home… How do you take that home? How do you run a huge part of your business without access to your filing cabinets, scanner and invoices? SHARP OFFICE has the solution!

If you’re not already running an accounts payable automation solution, then you know that the most tedious part of your workflow is manually entering the data into your spreadsheet or system. What if we could make that happen without the RSI?

We have solutions that will let you scan invoices from your desktop, have the system read the information that’s on them and then not only strip the useful data from them like amounts and ABNs and inject them directly into your existing systems, but also then intelligently file them based on who sent them. Genius!

Does that sound like it might save a whole bunch of time, and your sanity? It should, because it will! Standing at a machine, scanning each invoice or bill one at a time to your email and then manually dragging them from your email to where they need to go, renaming the files… yada yada yada… All a thing of the past!

We could set you up with a handy software and hardware package at home with either a smaller style desktop MFD or just a standalone scanner, and have you running your business like the boss you are, right from your home office. It sounds complicated, but we assure you it really is simple. Step into the 21st century!

If you’d like to chat about what options might be available to you with accounts payable automation for your home office, don’t hesitate to call on Chris Daughtry, our resident Information Solutions Specialist.

Chris Daughtry – Information Solutions Specialist