Sharp BP-50C26

Safe and streamlined to fit diverse working styles

Introducing the newest addition to Sharp’s MFP range. 26 page per minute full colour printing in sizes up to A3. The new Titan range comes in a futuristic grey finish, and will stand out in any office environment and provide superior print quality and exceptional ease of use.

Work effortlessly and freely, the way you like, while interacting seamlessly with your office environment and colleagues at any time and any place. That’s today’s burgeoning style of work. It requires adapting to society’s changes and diversifying work styles, and building a worry-free office environment where you can enjoy the convenience of seamless interaction yet with rock-solid network security.

Sharp takes you to this new future of expanding business possibilities by helping you collaborate faster and get the job done smarter—however you work.

Unified Cloud Connection (option)

You only need to sign in once to connect to multiple cloud services, such as Microsoft Teams, from the MFD. Applications can also be easily downloaded from the cloud. Updates are clearly displayed, so you’re always using the latest version of services.

Eco-Friendly Design

Despite its many functions, this MFD achieves superb energy efficiency. For example, the use of low-temperature-fusing toner results in vastly reduced energy consumption for the MFD.
10.1-Inch Full-Flat Touchscreen With a variety of functions accessible via simple, intuitive icons, MFD operation is smooth and easy.

Smart Scanning

Simply tap the Auto Set button and the MFD will automatically determine the optimal resolution, gradation, and compression rate for your scan jobs. It also automatically reorients pages right side up (option) and corrects any skewed sheets.

All the Needed Finishing Options

The BP-50C26 meets all common office needs with a variety of finishing options. Its folding unit handles various types of folds without taking up much space—it attaches to the MFD’s paper output section. You get seamless output from printing to finishing.

Speedy RSPF

The RSPF (reversing single pass feeder) efficiently feeds in either one- or two-sided originals—in batches of up to 100 sheets. With scanning speeds of up to 80 opm (one-sided), the MFD can complete large jobs with ease and efficiency.

Remote Firmware Updates

The BP-50C26’s firmware can be remotely updated—without the need for service operation—via a firmware update service. That way you’re always using the latest system for your MFD.

Link Mobile Devices

Mobile devices installed with the Sharpdesk Mobile application can connect directly to the MFD for printing or downloading scanned data. The MFD can also be equipped with AirPrint and the Sharp Print Service Plugin. It’s a smoother way to get the job done.

Solid Security

The BP-50C26 has multiple levels of security to keep the device—and your precious data—secure. When booting up, the MFD checks for any anomalies in the BIOS firmware. If it finds a problem, it aborts the startup. If there are other firmware-related issues, the MFD will attempt recovery to protect the system.

Wireless LAN Connection (option)

The BP-50C26 works with the 5 GHz band. This ensures minimal radio interference and stable high-speed communications. The MFD also supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup™. This makes it easy to connect the MFD to a secure wireless LAN without having to enter an SSID and security key.

On-Screen System Information

The control panel shows the state of your MFD, displaying current operation and notifications for things like paper, toner, and maintenance.