Reduce hardcopy storage and increase accessibility with digital archiving

Efficiency and accessibility are crucial in business today. One area where businesses often face challenges is in managing hardcopy documents. Storing paper and storage systems can quickly become cumbersome, leading to disorganisation, inefficiency, and even the risk of loss or damage, which is where converting hardcopy documents to digital format can alleviate these pain points.

The Challenges of Hardcopy Document Storage

Storing hardcopy documents poses several challenges for businesses. Firstly, storing documents on site requires space, whether it’s filing cabinets or dedicated storage rooms. As a business grows, so does the volume of paperwork, creating congestion in your workplace.

Locating specific files can also be difficult. Staff may spend valuable time searching through files, which can take them away from their regular work, leading to decreased productivity and overall frustration. Accessibility is another challenge of managing hardcopy documents. As many businesses now offer a hybrid working environment, accessing files remotely is not only tedious but also risks security.

Embracing Digital Transformation

Converting hardcopy documents to digital format is the solution to these challenges. By digitising documents, businesses can enjoy streamlined document management, enhanced accessibility, improved security and overall efficiency.

We understand the importance of protecting documents while making it convenient for staff to access them. With out in-house scanning services, we’ll help you convert your hardcopy documents into navigable, tidy and secure files. Here’s how it works:

  1. Collection and Secure Storage: Our experienced team will collect your hardcopy documents issues and store them securely during the conversion process.
  1. Scanning and Digitisation: Utilising advanced scanning technology, we’ll convert your hardcopy documents into digital format swiftly and accurately. Our technology even enables keyword searches within the newly digitised documents, making retrieval easy.
  2. Consistent Naming and Organisation: To ensure ease of access and navigation, we’ll create consistent file names and organise the digital documents in a logical manner.
  3. Convenient Delivery Options: Once the conversion is complete, we offer flexible delivery options. Whether you prefer storage on USB drives for immediate access or cloud storage for seamless sharing and collaboration.
  4. Return or Disposal of Hardcopy Files: Once your project is complete, we’ll return your hardcopy files for long-term storage or arrange their secure disposal, freeing up valuable space in your office.

Ready to talk about digital archiving? Talk to our local team to scope your project today.