Sharp History

For 50 years, Sharp has been dedicated to revolutionising the printing industry with the most sophisticated and innovative technology.

In 1972, Sharp officially entered the photocopier business by bringing to market the SF-201, the first wet-type electrostatic copier! What a throwback!

Through the years and decades, Sharp has continued to lead the way in printer and copier innovation, consistently delivering solutions to improve office efficiency and product. Not to mention, developing the world’s first COS electronic calculator incorporating LCD!

Sharp Office Newcastle has also recently celebrated 50 years in business.

As an authorised distributor of Sharp copiers and printers, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate and recognise the industry-leading organisation’s 50-year history. Here we look back at some of the most prominent and outstanding moments over the last half a century.

Sharp enters what is then called the photocopier business and releases the first wet process copier, the SF-201.

Development of the world’s first COS electronic calculator incorporating on LCD.

SF-710 – Sharp‘s first plain-paper copier.

Sharp SF-740 – The industry’s first copier to enable printing onto postcards and became a best-selling machine!


Z-60 – The world’s smallest copier, one that was small enough to be considered for personal use, had innovative features including a developing unit that could be easily replaced by users themselves.

SF-9500 – Sharp’s first high-speed model served to complete a full lineup – from the smallest personal models to high-speed machines.

Sharp introduces its first full colour analog copier that achieves high-quality colour copying.

SD-2075 – Sharp released a high-speed copier that could output 76 copies per minute. In the same year, Sharp copiers started producing 500,000 units a year.

AR-5040 – Sharp introduced the digital copier which made physical copies after first storing the original image on a built-in hard drive.

Sharp adding facsimile functions marking the dawn of the MFP (Multifunction Printer)

AR-F280R – A 3-in-1 unit is born. The combined copier, fax, and printer provided multifunction and saved on space.

Sharp MX-2700FG – Full colour digital MFP.

Sharp MX-C381 – Sharp’s first A4 colour copier – BLI Pick of the Year Award.

Sharp MX-7500N – Sharp’s first flagship colour MFP for light production environments. 

Sharp BP-20C25 – A compact, sleek and award-winning MFP released to fit in any work space, ideal for remote employees and home offices.

50th Anniversary of Sharp

Sharpfax SF-201
Electronic calculator with LCD
Sharpfax SF-721
Sharp MX-2700FG
Sharp MX-2700F