Sharp Office brings innovative
Australian-made technology to the Hunter

Sharp Office has expanded its technology line with a new Australian-designed product, the HDi Interactive Smartboard.
The interactive display, manufactured by Australian-owned company Technology Core, is empowering local businesses and organisations to communicate and collaborate in new ways.

Sharp Office has recognised the quiet revolution happening in the Hunter Region, where businesses and organisations across professional services, mining, manufacturing, technology, transport, and education, are looking at ways to innovate and create an environment with a competitive edge.

Director of Office Technology David Potter said “The reason that we chose this product is we saw that Technology Core was clearly focussed on delivering best of breed technology in this space to the market and offered expert advice and support on the technology they provided.

“Another key to our decision was around the commitment of providing operator training at the time of installation as well as ongoing user training,” added Mr Potter.

Local businesses looking to diversify and innovate know that a key driving factor to success is collaboration. Growth is not likely to occur without innovation. And innovation cannot be achieved without collaboration.

The HDi Meeting Hub, or interactive display, is a high-quality purpose-built display used for meetings, presentations, strategy and planning sessions, workshops, training, as well as commercial showrooms and retail spaces.

It can be used to present documents, information, and videos to diverse groups. It empowers face-to-face, hybrid and remote connection, in both business environments and classrooms, providing an immersive and personalised experience.

Interactive displays enable the communication of content in a completely unique way, something which could be extremely beneficial to those who have found traditional forms of presentation or collaboration particularly disengaging.

A key feature of the HDi Interactive Display is the capability to connect multiple devices with different operating systems. Apple laptops, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices can all connect wirelessly. No cables are required.

While an interactive screen might look like a large television, the display is driven by a computer. It allows users to wirelessly connect their device, access their computer files, and operate applications such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom as well as specialised applications used across a variety of industries. It enables interaction in an engaging, flexible, and harmonious way – an empowering way to create content in high definition, run strategy sessions, and energise teamwork.

Advances in technology and changes in business infrastructure have put greater emphasis on teamwork in workplaces. Employees need to be able to think critically and creatively, and they need to be able to do this as a team using modern tools.

Technology holds a significant place in enabling businesses to create an environment that supports stronger connections. An environment that encourages richer communications, document sharing, and co-creation.

Employee engagement can be worth a lot to an organisation’s income and the use of digital tools could be a straightforward way to boost business performance. Employees who operate in an environment with good access to digital technology may feel more supported, valued, and empowered to succeed.

Digital collaboration tools are an essential aspect of creating this environment, a culture that promotes connection and strives for innovation. Tools like the HDi Meeting Hub can empower employees to communicate effectively and efficiently, which may contribute to economic growth and benefit employees’ happiness and engagement at work.

The key is not in just communication but in the effective and efficient connection across teams. Leveraging tools that promote such a culture could lead employees (and business leaders) to feel empowered, resulting in individuals who follow-up, drive accountability, and measure impact.