Switched on by sun power, we’ve gone solar

After some planning and development, we are pleased to share that Sharp Office has moved to solar energy. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, we have taken the significant step to switch to solar. We understand the role our business can play in minimising our environmental impact, which is why our decision to transition to solar was clear. With our office and warehouse offering an expansive 1,700+ m2 of combined roof space, we can hold over 150 x 50KW solar panels which will generate an estimated 300KW each day.

The Hunter Region is an ideal landscape for uninterrupted sun, allowing us to maximise the warm sunny days we often experience here. We join many other businesses, councils and organisations across the Region who have already switched to solar energy, and like them, will continue to do our part for the environment and our community.

Read more about our environmental and ethical commitment here.