5 questions with our new customer Kaebel Leisure

At Sharp Office, our goal is to tailor a print solution that helps local businesses grow. Working with one of our dedicated print experts Nathan, local children’s entertainment equipment designer Kaebel Leisure was able to find the right solution to cater to the demands of their business. From equipment plans through to high-volume printing, Nathan pointed Kaebel Leisure manager Kyle to the Sharp BP-50C26.

We recently spoke with Kyle who manages Kaebel Leisure to ask about his experience working with Nathan and Sharp Office.

  • How do you describe your business to new customers? We bring technical excellence and creativity together to design and supply a range of equipment to entertain children.
  • How does your new Sharp photocopier help your business? We design a large range of plans and drawings to supply our clientele and construction staff. Because of this, we need a reliable machine that will perform our ongoing tasks with ease.
  • What features of the photocopier are you most impressed with? The clarity and quick speed of the print, especially for our larger technical drawings.
  • What made Sharp Office stand out as a print solutions provider? We worked with Sharp Office because they are a local company that made it easy for our business.
  • Would you like to share a testimonial about your experience?  We were very happy with the promptness of the whole process, from the initial call with Nathan through to installation and delivery.

Are you interested in learning about the Sharp BP-50C26 or another timesaving, efficient photocopier for your business? Connect with Nathan or another dedicated Sharp Office print expert today.