Are business cards still on trend?

In our digital society where networking can occur online, what role do business cards play? While most professionals and businesses can be found on LinkedIn, connecting isn’t always that simple or instantaneous. Despite the convenience technology provides, face-to-face meetings continue to be valuable to building relationships and growing your business. For professionals working in sales or accounting managing, businesses cards are a companion to any meeting, event or branding exercise. So, are business cards still on trend? The answer is yes, here’s why.

Five ways business cards benefit business

Maximise networking

Time is critical to any conversation you have, whether it be at a meeting with a new client or even a networking event. To help you focus time on building a connection, a business card saves the interruption of keying details into smartphones.

Introduce new services

Is your business launching a new service? A business card can be used to announce these to customers and other businesses and reinforce who to contact so they can utilise your services.

Reliable information, fast

In some cases, finding your contact details online isn’t that simple. Save customers and partners the hassle of jumping through hoops to contact you directly. Your business card will not only have the best contact information to reach you, but confirm the correct spelling of your name and clarify your role.

A lasting impression

In any face-to-face meeting, exchanging business cards leaves a lasting impression. When you share your business card, you’re essentially presenting a physical representation of yourself and your business, which is why it pays to consider the design and feel of your business card.

Marketing opportunities

Business cards are an essential marketing tool for you and your business. Beyond the standard contact information, you can incorporate logos and images to project your business. Plus, add a QR code to direct recipients to visit your website, watch a video demonstration or even sign up to your newsletter.

Is now time to organise new business cards?

Whether it’s time for new branding, to announce a new team member or if you have an event coming up, we can help with your business card needs. Contact our in-house promotions and branding expert Terri to get started.

What do I do with all the business cards I’ve received?

As frequently as you share business cards, it’s likely you receive some in return. While keeping them filed is a great way to ensure they’re available when needed, did you know you can also scan them and add them to your contact list at once?

Using the optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities on your newer model photocopier, such as that found in the new Sharp series, you can scan up to 20 business cards at once and have all the details sent to your computer as a vCard.