Is a managed print service the secret to boosting efficiency?

Businesses are constantly searching for ways to lower costs and increase efficiency, but one area that can often be overlooked is their print environment. Managing print technology like a multi-function device (MFD) can be time-consuming, costly, and present inaccuracies. When multiple departments are involved with managing a print fleet, it’s difficult to monitor issues, uptime, cost and productivity of the MFD. To avoid straining internal resources, a solution that businesses can call upon is a managed print service.

With a managed print service, businesses gain professional support to manage and optimise their print technology, whether it’s a single MFD or large fleet – giving businesses more time to focus on their work and grow. When it’s time to upgrade your print technology, some important considerations are the speed, security and functionality of the MFD. An additional factor is upkeep and support, which is where an in-house and locally managed print service can make a tremendous impact, here’s how.

Minimise the pressure on internal resources

As technology advances, the responsibilities of an IT department can become more complex, leaving less time to offer support for print-related issues that can arise. Our managed print service oversees the entire print environment to provide technical support your staff can count down, allowing IT teams to prioritise critical work like network security.

Improve security

Did you know that copiers and printers can be vulnerable to security risks that threaten you and your customers’ data? While newer MFD models like the Sharp BP series offer automatic firmware updates for improved security, we can still aid you in protecting your information. A great example is during an upgrade when previous print data needs to be cleared with confidence.

Reduce costs and optimise print environment

A managed print service offers you an insight into how much printing occurs in your business to help optimise print volumes. While printing remains important to any business, there are ways to reduce unnecessary printing that’s not only good for the environment but for your costs too.

Automated supply

An empty toner is such an inconvenience and can lead to a queue of outstanding documents waiting to be printed. Rather than place all the responsibility of monitoring, ordering and replacing the toner, we can automatically detect when supply is low and deliver a new toner to you quickly.

Overlooking your print environment can be costly and inefficient, impacting your business in the long run. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, a Sharp Office managed print service can add value to your business by supporting your print technology. Talk to our dedicated print experts today to learn more.