Sharp BP-30C25

A Versatile MFP to Upgrade the Way You Work

Here is a smart and user-friendly MFP designed to fit in anywhere. Inside its clean and compact frame, it packs a huge range of essential functions to streamline your workflow. This versatile full-colour A3 MFP is built to match a diverse range of work styles. As a key player in your office team, it will drive your business forward into new realms of value.

Fits your everyday office needs

The LCD touchscreen with Easy UI mode gives everyone on your team easy access to everyday functions on the MFP.

Fits various business scenarios

Harnessing the versatility of digital data can help you streamline your operations and grab new business opportunities.

Fits a range of work styles

Because the MFP can connect to a variety of mobile devices and cloud services, you and your team can work anytime, anywhere.

Fits your security demands

A secure environment supports admin staff in their duties and protects your business from risk.