Track and recover your printing expenses

Cost Recovery Sharp Office

If you run a business that requires the shared use of your multifunction devices (MFD), then you’re printing costs can really add up if you don’t keep an eye on it!

Legal practices, co-working spaces, libraries and schools are just some of the places where charging for the use of your equipment is a necessity and where accurate billing and disbursement recovery is paramount.

At Sharp Office, we help businesses implement an ideal cost recovery solution. We can also monitor an unlimited number of devices at a time. Your office staff can be supplied with reports that track every print, scan, copy, and fax activity which can then be analysed.

What are the benefits of implementing a cost recovery solution?

  • Recover costs accurately and easily
  • See more and save more
  • Search and retrieve documents faster
  • Boost confidentiality and compliance

At Sharp Office, we can provide you with the most advanced set of tools for doing just that. Our solution integrates with your current management systems so that they are, and always will be, the single source of truth. No more need for messy handwritten ledgers.

No need to rely on remembering who you charged and for what. Do away with exporting from one system to another! Our system is embedded into your current MFD and provides a bridge directly into your management system, right from the front panel.