First-aid and safety for your business

Creating a safe work environment is something all businesses strive towards, which is why it’s important to have updated first-aid and resources to increase safety awareness. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the most common cause of injury or illness was from ‘lifting, pushing, pulling or bending’. (ABS, 2023) Workplace injuries can cause delays and impact staff wellbeing, while also being costly. Maintaining current first-aid and safety in your business can be challenging, read our simple tips to help your business.

How often should a business update first-aid essentials?

According to Safe Work Australia, a business must provide access to at least one first-aid kit, first-aid facilities and have trained first-aid people. While most businesses have these already, an area that falls short on reminders is updating first-aid essentials.

How often should a business review its first-aid supplies? Every 12 months is recommended, however, specific products like gels, sprays, bandages and even gloves have an expiration date, according to St John. In addition to this, some products may deteriorate over time which may also need to be replaced, which is why it’s critical to refill your first-aid kit. Explore our range of first-aid refills and essentials here.

Another important check businesses should make regularly is of their safety equipment and signage, which includes gloves, eye protection, face masks and even signs. While not all injuries can be avoided, their chances of occurring can be reduced with frequent upkeep of this equipment. Now might be time for a review, see our safety equipment essentials here.

How to choose the right first-aid kit

These days, first-aid kits come in a variety of options and sizes. With regular checks of expiry and supply levels, a business won’t need to buy a whole kit every time and can save costs by replenishing as necessary. The industry and kind of work staff are involved with can also determine the type of first-aid essentials a business holds.

Some examples of first-aid kits include:

Whether it’s time to refresh your first-aid supplies, upgrade your entire first-aid kit or simply add new signage, there are many ways you can increase safety awareness in your business. Browse our online range of safety and first-aid essentials today by logging in or creating a free online account.