PKF Newcastle gain more than a confident print partner

Collaborating with local businesses is essential for mutual success and the growth of our Hunter Region. The partnerships we’ve developed throughout the course of our 50+ years in business has helped up connect with a range of professionals and business operators across a range of specialised fields and organisations. One example includes our relationship with Andrew Beattie, Director of the Newcastle Business Advisory Services and Corporate Finance teams at PKF, who we have worked with for several decades. As a business who also offers a specialised experience for their customers, our businesses share the same values towards community organisations and initiatives. This month we caught up with Andrew to highlight how the PKF team help clients, some frequent questions they are asked and what it’s been like working with our team at Sharp Office.

About PKF

PKF is a leading national award-winning audit, tax and business advisory firm which provides a comprehensive range of specialist business services to organisations committed to success, across a broad range of industries. The PKF team ‘provides comprehensive accounting solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients and their businesses’. From business advisory, financial planning and tax compliance, to audit services, the team at PKF understands the complexities of your industry and strives to optimise your financial performance.

Tailored knowledge and advice

The team at PKF take pride in being able to offer personalised knowledge and advice across diverse sectors and are fortunate to have a team that comprises experts with specialised industry knowledge, allowing them to understand the nuances and challenges specific to businesses.

According to Andrew, “there is no cookie-cutter approach with our clients” who may even be in the same sector. They understand that each business has its own unique operations and having such a broad range of service and industry experts allows them to be “agile and adaptable,” said Andrew. Internal collaboration is important to the PKF team, which is why they collaborate internally to bring in resources from different teams to ensure the best outcomes for their clients.

Three emerging trends

For any local business, advice and support from a trusted expert can offer peace of mind when making informed decisions and planning for the future. Considering Andrew and his team work with businesses across several industries, we wondered about the common questions they have encountered. They shared three emerging trends that may interest businesses across the Hunter Region:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – One notable trend is the increasing integration of AI and the automation of business processes to enhance decision-making, streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.
  • Sustainability – More businesses are considering sustainable business practices, which includes adopting eco-friendly initiatives and environmental responsibility.
  • Digital transformation – Digital transformation continues to be a key focus, with businesses embracing cloud-based technologies and cybersecurity measures to adapt to the evolving digital landscape.

Supporting the community

Supporting the community is important to PKF and is a part of their culture, which is why they sponsor various local organisations and initiatives. One of the notable initiatives is the Breast Care Breakfast, initiated after the tragic loss of the wife of one of PKF’s partners due to breast cancer. The fundraiser, having raised over $330,000 to date, received commendation in Parliament for its significant community contribution. In 2023, PKF achieved its highest fundraising amount, $49,661, for the Hunter Nurse Education Group, a vital support for those facing breast cancer daily. This year, Sharp Office was proud to be a sponsor and help further the funds raised in support of Hunter Nurses.

Key features of Sharp photocopiers

When considering the quality and convenience of their fleet of Sharp photocopiers, Andrew highlighted three key areas that have contributed to his team’s daily operations:

  1. “Remarkable speed and efficiency” when handling large volumes of documents and maintaining print quality
  2. Intuitive touchscreen that’s “user-friendly” and makes it easy to customise settings
  3. “The advanced scanning capabilities have proven to be invaluable’ and make digitising documents seamless”

Local supporting local

Working with David Potter, George Tuntevski, Joel Anderson, and the Sharp Office team has been an exceptional experience for Andrew and his team, who feel we have “consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs, providing tailored solutions that align seamlessly with our goals”.

Having a local service and support team provides reassurance that your business technology is in good hands, helping you focus on running your business without worrying about technology issues. Our “unparalleled customer support” and our “reputation for reliability and adaptability” are described as benefits that make Sharp Office an ideal partner for businesses seeking to optimise their operations, said Andrew.

Andrew Beattie and the Newcastle PKF team is one of many local businesses who partner with Sharp Office. Connectwith our local experts today and see how your business can grow.